Terms and Conditions

Updated: August 2023

Brightspire Virtual School offers an accredited, virtual school option for US-based students students in grades 6-12, delivering teacher supported curriculum through a learning management system. Brightspire Virtual School students and guardians are subject to the following Terms of Service, which may be updated or modified by Brightspire Virtual School at any time without notice to you. Whenever you access Brightspire Virtual School’s website, learning management system, student information system and other tools used for the purpose of delivering Brightspire services you do so subject to the Terms of Service and all policies or procedures specifically incorporated herein by reference.

Acceptance of Service

Your use of Brightspire Virtual School’s website, learning management system, student information system and other tools used for the purpose of delivering Brightspire services constitutes your acceptance of and your agreement to abide by these Terms of Service, and all incorporated policies and procedures, including the Edgenuity Standard Terms and Conditions, which can be found at https://www.edgenuity.com/edgenuity-standard-terms-and-conditions.pdf. Do not use the website if you do not agree to the Terms of Service.


Brightspire Virtual School (Brightspire) strives to maintain the highest academic standards. Therefore, students are expected to demonstrate an internal desire for academic success. Students who take full advantage of the opportunities offered through Brightspire will enhance their intellect, build confidence, and find pathways to success in their future endeavors.  We admit students of any race, color, nationality, religion and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities at Brightspire Virtual School. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age or national or ethnic background in the administration of any of our programs.


Brightspire Virtual School is a school based on the foundation of courtesy and respect for each student/parent/guardian, instructor, and all Brightspire staff members. Our code of conduct is designed to foster and encourage the highest standards of honor and integrity.

Students accepted in our program must commit to abide by the honor code. Compliance with these rules and policies will ensure that students learn in an environment free of harassment, negative attitudes, and offensive actions. If a student is found in violation of the honor code of conduct, the parent/guardian (if applicable) will be notified and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken up, which may include  expulsion from Brightspire Virtual School.


Students, instructors, and staff, communicate through various methods such as phone calls, text messages, live chat, email, and web conferencing. Inappropriate communication of any kind is strictly prohibited. Vulgar, profane, insulting, or derogatory comments will not be tolerated. All communication between students/parents/ guardians, instructors, and staff must be professional and respectful. In the event that a student is found in violation of this rule, the parent/ guardian (if applicable) will be notified and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken up to expulsion from Brightspire Virtual School.


Netiquette is expected on all courses, assignments, activities and communications with teachers, mentors, advisors, tutors, and any other employee within Brightspire Virtual School and our partners. This includes all support staff, technical support, admin personnel, and any direct vendors of Brightspire Virtual School (i.e. Parchment). Professional and respectful communication between parents/guardians and any Brightspire staff as well as between students is expected, and failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions.

Violations of netiquette may include:

  • Vulgar, profane, insulting, derogatory, and/or inappropriate comments
  • Incessant comments
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Other behaviors deemed to cause undue harm and stress

All communications, such as phone calls, live chat, email, texting, and web conference, between students/parents/Brightspire staff must be professional and respectful.

Infractions of this policy will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on an individual basis.

The penalties for netiquette and inappropriate communication are as follows:

  • First Offense: Student receives a warning and is assigned the Netiquette Course. Completion of the Netiquette Course with a 90% passing grade is required. Failure to complete/pass the Netiquette Course, will result in documentation on the student’s transcript and possible 0’s in the course the netiquette offense occurred.
  • Second Offense: Student will be required to attend a Zoom Meeting, including the student, guardian (if applicable), and Brightspire Virtual School staff. Failure to attend will result in documentation on the student’s transcript, 0’s on activities, and possible course failure.
  • All Successive Offenses: Student may be removed and dropped from the course. Additional potential consequences include suspension/expulsion from Brightspire Virtual School.

After each offense, the parent/guardian (if applicable) will be notified via email and a follow-up phone call to discuss any questions/ concerns and review the Netiquette Policy. Each offense is generally per course; however, multiple offenses across courses will result in additional actions. In addition, Brightspire reserves the right to expel students for offenses that it deems are severe in nature, such as offenses that could potentially endanger the lives and wellbeing of other members of the Brightspire community.


Academic integrity is expected in all courses, assignments, and activities.

Violations of academic integrity include:

  • Plagiarism
  • Cheating
  • Fabrication and/or falsification of information submitted

All of the above applies to projects, assignments, papers, or exams. A student may not claim another person’s work as their own or use unauthorized materials to gain an advantage during assignments or tests. Tests are to be taken by the student without any assistance from other individuals. Assessments and assignments are only constructive when they are based on a student’s original work and efforts. Avoid academic dishonesty and misconduct in all its forms. Infractions of this policy will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on an individual basis.

The penalties for plagiarism and cheating are as follows:

  • First Offense: Student receives a warning and is assigned the Academic Integrity Course. Completion of the Academic IntegrityCourse with a 90% passing grade is required. Failure to complete/ pass the Academic Integrity Course will result in documentation on the student’s transcript and possible 0’s in the course in which the academic integrity offense occurred.
  • Second Offense: Student is assigned an Academic Integrity VideoAssignment. Completion of the assignment is required. Failure to complete the Academic Integrity Video Assignment will result in documentation on the student’s transcript, 0’s on activities in the course in which the academic integrity offense occurred, and possible failure of the course.
  • All Successive Offenses: Student may be removed and dropped from the course. Additional potential consequences include suspension/expulsion from Brightspire Virtual School.

After each offense, the parent/guardian (if applicable) will be notified via email and a follow-up phone call to discuss any questions/ concerns and review the Academic Integrity Policy. Each offense is generally per course; however, multiple offenses across courses will result in additional actions.


All retakes are at the discretion of the teacher, provided they are within the parameters listed below. Depending on the assignment/ quiz type and the type of course, it will impact the parameters available for retakes. Students MAY be allowed up to five retakes in a course. Retakes may not be applicable in certain course types or if scores are above 80% on those activities.

Quiz and Test Retakes 

Pre-test quizzes are only allowed 1 attempt to pass with 80%. No retakes.

Students are automatically allowed two attempts to pass a quiz at the end of a lesson.

Students who exhaust both attempts or score above 70% will automatically be moved to the next assignment. Students are automatically assigned only one attempt to pass regular assignments, unit tests, and cumulative exams. Students may request an additional retake if their score is below 80%. At the teacher’s discretion, retakes may not be granted if the student’s grade will not be affected much, or if the original assignment received a zero due to academic integrity, netiquette infractions, or other reasons determined by the teacher.

All assessments allow save and exit options; however, you may not answer previously viewed questions or change answers to previously viewed questions. All these questions will be submitted even if they are blank once you have saved and exited.

Quiz and Test Reviews 

Retakes on quiz and test reviews shall be up to the discretion of the teacher. Students should be allowed at least one additional retake if the score is below 70%. Teachers may also use a combination of retakes and virtual review sessions to ensure the student is comprehending the material. Please note that certain courses such as AP, honors, and more may have additional restrictions on retakes.

Assignment Attempts 

Students are allowed two attempts on assignments. If the first attempt is below 80%, the student will automatically be prompted to take the second attempt. Should the student score 80% or above on the first attempt, no additional attempt is permitted. Please note that attempts may vary based on certain course types and at the teacher’s discretion.

Projects and Performance Tasks 

Students are eligible for project and performance task retakes or revisions at the teacher’s discretion. If a student submits a blank project, it is up to the teacher’s discretion if they allow the student to reattempt the project.

AP Courses 

Students are allowed one retake attempt on quizzes and tests at the teacher’s discretion.

Retakes on final or cumulative exams are not allowed. Essay resets and revisions are entirely at the teacher’s discretion.


In the event that suspension or expulsion is necessary per Brightspire school policies, tuition fees are not refundable. Brightspire Virtual School makes every effort to work with students regarding policy violations. A suspension or expulsion from Brightspire Virtual School will only occur under extreme circumstances and/or only after the student has been given fair warning.


For Academic Action and Resolving Academic Grievance 

Students receiving a grade, which they feel is unfair, may appeal the decision by submitting a letter of appeal to the administration, requesting that the case be presented before the Academic Board. An Academic Board decision will be given within thirty days.

For Suspension or Expulsion from Brightspire 

In the event that a student is suspended or expelled and the student wishes to appeal the decision, a formal letter must be submitted to Brightspire Virtual School outlining the student’s desire to appeal, stating the reason for the appeal, and listing any extenuating circumstances leading up to the suspension or expulsion. The submission of an appeal does not guarantee acceptance. All appeals will be reviewed on an individual basis.


Our online and blended learning solutions are built on a robust learning management platform run by Imagine Learning that is designed with student success as the goal. Our system is secure, easy to utilize, and compatible with the most commonly used browsers and hardware. Please review the technical specifications and installation requirements at the following link to ensure full compatibility and a positive experience: https://www.imaginelearning.com/support/technical-requirements/.


Grading System 

The following academic letter grades will be used: A, B, C, D, F. The plus (+) or minus (-) will be used, except in the case of A+ and F-. There will be no rounding up or down of any score or grade issued by Brightspire Virtual School.

Calculating Your GPA 

The following grade scale will be used for the purpose of calculating your GPA.

A 94-100 C 74-76.9
A- 90-93.9 C- 70-73.9
B+ 87-89.9 D+ 67-69.9
B 84-86.9 D 64-66.9
B- 80-83.9 D- 60-63.9
C+ 77-79.9 F 0-59.9


Since Brightspire Virtual School is a private school, we do not require any specific state standardized testing in order to graduate. It is likely, though, that students will need to take certain standardized tests in order to apply for college. Brightspire does not offer or make arrangements for any of these tests, including, but not limited to, the SAT, ACT, and AP exams. The student/guardian is fully responsible for securing a testing location. If you have questions, please contact Brightspire support.


Permanent Record 

Brightspire Virtual School maintains a permanent record for each student. When applicable, records concerning standardized test scores, health information, Individual Education Plans (IEP), and behavioral records will also be included. This record is confidential and open to parental inspection upon request. If a student transfers out of Brightspire Virtual School, the records can be sent once requested by the receiving school. School Transcripts of Credits Brightspire Virtual School maintains a transcript of all classes attempted and completed through Brightspire Virtual School. Transcripts may also include credits transferred from other educational institutions. Repeating a ClassStudents are NOT able to repeat classes they have previously completed, unless the classes have been failed. NCAA however may have different rules/requirements

Credit Transfer 

Credits transferring from other institutions will be evaluated and accepted at Brightspire’s discretion. Generally, credit granted by schools accredited through Cognia or equivalent regional accreditation associations will be accepted. However, Brightspire Virtual School reserves the right to deny the transfer of credits. Credits granted from other institutions or home school instruction may be accepted but are subject to in-depth review. Students will be asked to provide an outline of the courses covered,  a report of the assignments completed, and grades earned.

Transfer GPA

If credits are transferred into our institution, we will add the previous courses and grades onto our transcript analysis showing previous school, course, and grade. ALL courses and grades will be adapted to our unweighted grading scale. For example: If your student transfers in at a 4.5 weighted GPA, the equivalent for our academy would be 4.0. If your student transfers in with a 4.1 weighted GPA, you will see the equivalent of closer to a 3.6 with our unweighted scale.

Students entering ninth grade must submit copies of middle school report cards that reflect credits earned.

Class Add or Drop 

Brightspire is an open-enrollment virtual school. Students may add or drop classes at any time. Please note that additional fees may occur past the initial 14 days of enrollment based on the payment plan selected. No refunds are given for dropped classes after the initial 14 days from the date of the first payment with Brightspire Virtual School.


Graduation Requirements 

Students must complete all course requirements as indicated on their Course Planner. A total of 21 credits are required for graduation. Although credits may be transferred from other regionally accredited institutions, at least 6 credits are required through Brightspire Virtual School to receive a diploma from our institution. The prospective graduate is responsible for providing records of all previously completed high school coursework in the form of an official transcript. Although Brightspire can request transcripts from the student’s previous school, it is the responsibility of the student or guardian to ensure those transcripts are received.

Graduation Application 

Students who believe they are prepared for graduation are required to undergo an Academic Review process. The review will determine whether the student has completed all of the necessary graduation requirements. To begin this process, a Graduation Application must be submitted. The submittal of a Graduation Application does not guarantee that the student will be cleared for graduation. If the review proves that additional credits are needed, the student must complete them before being allowed to graduate. If graduation is denied, the student will be notified in writing, and the results of the Academic Review will be made available.


Students with any disability, which may impair their ability to successfully complete a course should contact Brightspire Virtual School directly. Accommodations are determined on an individual basis. Please note that not all accommodations and modifications are applicable to Brightspire Virtual School courses. Qualified documents must be current. Please note that Brightspire Virtual School does not create or issue any documents or assessments for any type of disability or impairment of any kind (such as an IEP or 504).


Full-time students are permitted to be enrolled in up to six courses at one time. Students who wish to take more than 6 courses may do so by purchasing additional courses on an individual basis. Students will be allowed 18 consecutive calendar weeks to complete each semester course with an optional two-week extension at no charge. Extensions beyond two weeks will require a new semester course purchase. Please note that potential NCAA athletes have specific course length, course type, and course assignment submission requirements. Any fees resulting from required materials for any course are not included in tuition costs and are the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian.


Initial Fourteen-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for any reason, the programs and courses offered by Brightspire Virtual School are found to be unsatisfactory within the initial 14 days of enrolling, then a full refund of all initial payments minus any non-refundable enrollment fees will be made. Notification must be made to the office of Brightspire Virtual School before the fourteen-day period ends and must be done in writing via email to [email protected]. After the fourteen-day period, no refunds will be made. Withdrawal After Fourteen Days After fourteen days, a student may withdraw at any time. If a student has not yet paid in full then all future payments will be canceled, and access to the student’s courses will end on the date of withdrawal. If a student has paid in full for courses, but chooses to withdraw after the initial 14-day enrollment drop deadline, no refunds will be given and access to the course will remain through the paid course period. To withdraw a student, please contact support. Withdrawal will require a withdrawal form and written confirmation of request.

Required Fees

Annual Enrollment Fee: $150 (Payable at time of registration and again annually as long as the student stays enrolled).

Tuition Fees:

Full Time Enrollment (up to 6 courses)

  • 1 Year: $3,990 if paid up front. Or 3 payments of $1,427 on day 1, 60, and 120
  • 1 Semester: $2,240 if paid up front. Or 3 payments of $783 on day 1, 60, and Single Course Enrollment
  • 1 year course: $930 which must be paid up front.
  • 1 semester course: $465 which must be paid up front.

Optional Fees

The following fees are not required for all students. These are possible additional fees that you may incur, should you need a given service. These fees are paid directly to our partners and vendors in the event they are necessary.

  • Senior Dues (required of all graduating students – prior to receiving a diploma): $75
  • International Transcript Evaluation: $75 per international transcript evaluation
    • transcripts must be translated in English by a certified company prior to submission
  • Individualized Graduation Plan: $75 (Students are offered 1 free grad plan per year, in which we assess your path to graduation. Each additional plan per year is $75
  • Notary Services for Transcripts and Diplomas
    • Cost: $10 per document + the cost or ordering the document through Parchment
  • Shipping Notarized Documents
  • Cost: $50 initially charged (additional cost may be added depending on cost to ship)
  • Verification of Enrollment/Graduation – $5 per electronic request, $10 per paper request. If this needs to be rushed, or needs to be international and/or tracked additional fees will be applied.
  • Rush Fee (optional) – when students request documents with less than 5 days of lead time it is considered a rush order and will incur extra charges (summarized below).
    • VOE/VOG: $25 rush fee
    • Alumni Approval: $100 rush fee
    • Enrollment (Paperwork/Payment link): $50
    • Individualized Graduation Plan: $75
  • NCAA Counseling Fee: $150 per semester (18 weeks)

Billing Security. Brightspire Virtual School uses PayPal as their primary merchant and payment method to ensure payment security. Brightspire Virtual School does not keep a record of, or have access to your credit card number.

Passwords. Your password gives you access to the Brightspire learning management system and student information system. Parents and students both have their own password to access these systems. Please take appropriate measures to keep your password confidential and do not share it with third parties. You will be responsible for all activities that occur under your password regardless of whether you are the person who took such actions. If your password gets disclosed, please advise Brightspire Virtual School immediately and we will issue a new password and eliminate the previous one.

Your Obligations & Representations. When you enroll at Brightspire Virtual School, you agree to (a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself on the registration form (such information being the “Registration Data”) and (b) maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or Brightspire Virtual School has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Brightspire Virtual School has the right to suspend or terminate your account and/or refuse any and all current or future use of its Service. You also agree that Brightspire Virtual School is authorized to charge the payment method you selected during enrollment for any tuition fees due. You further agree to notify Brightspire Virtual School if you wish to use a different Payment Method to renew your enrollment in order to avoid the cancellation of your enrollment due to non-payment.