About Us

Thanks for your interest in Brightspire Virtual School, where we believe in empowering the Inspired Learner within all students.

At Brightspire we provide a tailored, flexible, and engaging middle and high school virtual learning experience that meets the unique needs of each student. We educate our students with the skills and knowledge necessary for a bright future in a rapidly changing world.

We invite you to learn more about how our unique approach to individualized education equips our students with the tools to be successful in all their life pursuits.

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“Our vision is to empower the Inspired Learner within all students.”

Our mission is to cultivate learners who find their own path to college and career by offering a student-centered environment that celebrates their individuality and encourages confidence and independence.

Our Team

The thoughtful, knowledgeable team at Brightspire Virtual School’s 6-12 grade program–including dedicated enrollment specialists, certified teachers, on-demand tutors, and supportive mentors—will take the time to understand your student’s needs and goals up front. Whether you join us at the start of the school year, or somewhere in the middle, we ensure from day 1 that your student is on their own path to success.

Meet our school leadership below.


Kevin Ferrone
Head of School


Jenn Malec


Joy Baker


Melinea Rubiano
Student Life


Christina Daniels


Denise Sobel


Accredited by Cognia and NCAA

Cognia Accreditation
Brightspire is proud to have received Cognia accreditation. Accreditation from Cognia is a valuable mark of distinction recognized around the world. Each year, Cognia identifies schools and systems that best exemplify excellence in education and stand out in their service to learners, based on the results of their rigorous accreditation process. Cognia is an internationally recognized accreditation agency that ensures schools maintain the highest level of academic excellence.

NCAA Course Approval
Brightspire courses are NCAA approved, meaning that our courses allow potential NCAA athletes to meet initial-eligibility standards. If you want to practice, compete and receive an athletics scholarship during your first year at a Division I or II school, the NCAA Eligibility Center must certify you as eligible. To gain eligibility students must meet certain academic requirements at a school with NCAA-approved courses. You can read more about NCAA eligibility requirements here.