Brightspire’s curriculum supports the developmental stages of students, their academic and cognitive needs, and their burgeoning interests. Courses reflect the latest innovations in online curriculum delivery, by including direct-instruction videos, interactive learning tools, and media-rich content.

Students have hundreds of courses to choose from, including core subjects, STEAM electives, career and technical electives (CTE), world languages, honors, and Advanced Placement®.

Each course correlates to state standards and covers the necessary skills for academic mastery in each subject. A flexible array of electives complement the core courses, offering students the opportunity to explore passions and interests.

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Middle School

Serving students in grades 6-8, our middle school program aspires to ignite curiosity, empower young minds to reach their full potential, and foster a lifelong love for learning. At the heart of our program lies a literacy framework that promotes active reading, clear writing, and an application of critical thinking skills across all subjects. We help students harness the foundational skills acquired in their elementary education, guiding them towards thinking abstractly, as we prepare them for high school level courses.

Middle School Math

Brightspire’s middle school math program features a guided learning experience with practice and feedback at each step to ensure mastery of the content. These courses prioritize real-world application, helping students connect mathematical concepts to everyday life, while simultaneously honing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Middle School Language Arts

Our middle school language arts program focuses on developing language skills that help students communicate their thoughts. By integrating skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, students will leave Brightspire’s middle school program with the ability to apply language effectively in a variety of contexts. These language arts courses offer students meaningful opportunities not only to improve comprehension in the classroom but also apply oral and written skills in their everyday life.

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Middle School Science

Aiming to encourage active exploration, our middle school science curriculum includes life science, earth science, and physical science. Students learn how to use the scientific method as the basis for study as they explore new concepts. Lessons offer engaging learning experiences with rich graphics, charts, animations, and interactive tools. Students also receive hands-on experience with immersive virtual labs, where they conduct experiments, make observations, and analyze data!

Middle School Social Studies

The middle school social studies curriculum covers a wide range of topics and concepts. Students can expect to learn about ancient civilizations, different cultures, geography, government and politics, as well as U.S. and world history. Brightspire’s program stresses understanding of the world as a unified system. Students will learn to recognize the interconnectedness between global and local issues while applying skills in reading and writing across topics.

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Middle School Electives

Electives are critical in fostering well-rounded learners. We have a wide selection of electives that teach essential life skills and enrich their educational journey. Students can choose from exciting electives such as photography, coding, and journalism. These classes provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests, develop problem-solving skills, and nurture creativity.

High School

Serving students in grades 9-12, Brightspire’s high school program aspires to develop in students critical skills and dispositions that will serve them throughout their lives and inspire them to become thoughtful, productive members of society. Students will engage in a course of study that is comprehensive and thoughtfully designed to ensure they are prepared for their college and career goals. The curriculum features hundreds of engaging courses including core courses, electives, and AP courses.

High School Math

Our high school math curriculum focuses on helping students understand both a broad view of mathematics as well as how specific skills are applied to daily life. Brightspire’s program aims to equip our students with the essential mathematics skills, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Students completing the high school math program have mastered concepts in disciplines such as pre-calculus and trigonometry while advanced students will have completed calculus.

High School Language Arts

Four years of English language arts courses are included in Brightspire’s standard high school curriculum in which students will engage in mastering more challenging literature and continue to grow their ability to articulate themselves through writing. Analyzing texts, frequent writing, and interactive activities will help strengthen important communication skills that will serve students for the rest of their lives.

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High School Social Studies and History

Organized both chronologically and thematically, our high school social studies courses include primary-source documents such as essays, speeches, and letters to give students firsthand accounts of the past. Brightspire’s program includes a wide range of topics that challenge students to think critically about history, government, economics and the development of human civilization.

High School Science

At Brightspire, we believe that scientific knowledge and analysis should empower students to become curious critical thinkers and informed problem solvers. Our high school science curriculum focuses on developing scientific knowledge and analytical skills together to prepare students for this real-world problem solving. To provide them with plenty of hands-on practice, we offer engaging virtual labs with all of our science courses including environmental science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

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High School Electives

Electives play a vital role in empowering every Brightspire student as an Inspired Learner. Our program offers abundant opportunities for students to select from a diverse range of electives that not only express and celebrate their individuality but also align with their college and career aspirations. These elective options encompass various subjects, including art, health, psychology, and other courses directly relevant to their chosen professions.