Our Philosophy

Brightspire offers an unmatched virtual middle and high school experience that makes students key stakeholders in their education. Our learning community is dedicated to helping students develop self-sufficiency and ownership of their goals. Unlike traditional classroom environments, Brightspire’s online, flexible curriculum makes students researchers and co-creators in their learning.

Our curriculum, based on the Inspired Learner framework, combines traditional knowledge with key life skills, and creates an engaging, challenging, and empowering learning experience.

About the Inspired Learner Philosophy

We teach students how to think, not what to think.

We nurture curiosity and critical thinking. We believe there is no single correct answer. Instead of prioritizing rote memorization, we encourage students to consider “How?” and “Why?” We encourage inquiry and celebrate each student’s process to discover their own values and opinions about what they are being taught.

We make all students owners of their educations.

We help students develop a sense of ownership and agency over their learning journey. Students have the flexibility to make decisions about their learning; deciding the time and setting to learn, and the teacher to deliver the instructional content. We help students take charge of how and at what pace they learn to get the most out of their journey. Students can also choose their model of instruction, whether it’s every subject each day, or a single subject per day.

We believe challenge is inevitable, but defeat is optional.

We prioritize growth mindset in every lesson. We see every challenge as an opportunity to learn from the process. We focus less on getting through lessons and more on what the lessons teach us along the way. We believe that resilience is essential for great accomplishment. We believe that every learner is capable of reaching new levels of wisdom and self-fulfillment. We celebrate the dedication and hard work of every student.

We make every lesson a step toward students’ independent goals.

Part of what makes learning so arduous for students is that it seems like an endless cycle of lessons in pursuit of a piece of paper. At Brightspire, our mentors work with students to develop concrete goals for their future, so they begin with the end in mind. With on-demand tutoring and guided notes, students are empowered with tools to help them achieve academic success. Every class and every lesson help students connect the dots to define the learners they’d like to become.

An Inspired Learner

✔  understands and values the power of having a growth mindset

✔  sets goals and actively seeks help to accomplish them

✔  takes ownership of their learning journey

✔  discovers paths toward self-fulfillment