Our Approach

At Brightspire, we are guided by our distinctive educational philosophy that places students at the center of everything we do. Our approach to academics is both holistic and individualized, ensuring our students receive an education that is tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. Our curriculum, deeply rooted in the “Inspired Learner” framework, offers a blend of traditional knowledge and essential life skills, fostering a learning experience that engages, challenges, and empowers. We not only prepare our students for academic success, but also equip them with the skills and confidence to navigate life beyond the school.

Inspired learning doesn’t just happen. It is the result of a thoughtfully planned, student-centered learning program and support system.

An Inspired Learner

✔  Understands and values the power of having a growth mindset

✔  Sets goals and actively seeks help to accomplish them

✔  Takes ownership of their learning journey

✔  Discovers paths towards self-fulfillment

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Award-Winning Courses

Our standards-aligned courses are carefully designed to be both engaging and rigorous. By combining a variety of learning modalities, we can effectively reach all learners. We strive to create a learning experience that captivates students’ attention while promoting in-depth understanding and mastery of the subject matter.

Certified Teachers

All courses are supported by certified teachers who are there for students every step of the way. Teachers grade assignments, provide feedback and meet with students and parents as needed.

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On-Demand Tutors

On-demand tutors can be contacted through a chat feature embedded directly in the learning management system, so students can get help exactly when they need it.


Students are assigned a mentor from the start of their learning journey with Brightspire. Mentors ensure students stay engaged, inspired, and on track to meet their academic goals.

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High School Diploma Tracks

We offer two different high school diploma tracks at Brightspire: a 21-credit Standard Diploma and a 24-credit Honors Diploma. The sample graduation plans below show how a student might complete their diploma requirements at Brightspire. Both diploma tracks offer students a thoughtfully structured course of study as well as a wide range of flexibility when it comes to choosing courses that align with their college and career goals.

Standard Diploma

Students wishing to go into the workforce post high school will find this to be the appropriate course of study. This pathway is also appropriate for students who plan to attend college and play a sport, as it meets NCAA requirements.

Honors Diploma

Students looking to present a more competitive academic profile for college applications typically complete an honors diploma, which must include a minimum of 3 honors and/or AP courses. This diploma track is also appropriate for students who wish to play collegiate sports.

View Sample Graduation Plans


Accredited by Cognia and NCAA

Brightspire has received Cognia accreditation, one of the highest and most respected levels of secondary school accreditation in the USA. Our course credits are generally accepted by traditional high schools that award credits for courses completed at other accredited schools. Our diploma is also recognized by many colleges and universities requiring an accredited high school diploma.

Brightspire courses are also NCAA approved, so students who are potential NCAA athletes can study at Brightspire with confidence that they will be able to meet eligibility requirements.

College Board Accredited School for AP Coursework

We offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which are college level courses that students may take while enrolled in high school. According to the College Board, these higher level courses offer rigorous study and better prepare students for college than those students who don’t take them. See our high school course catalog for a full list of AP courses offered.

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